Jeans For Fat Girls: How The Muffin Top Got A Knuckle Sandwich

Published: 15th May 2009
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The popularity of low-rise jeans has ballooned over the past few years, and the plus size crowd has been shut out from participating like a vegan in a rib shack.

And it's sad.

Because you can get almost any of the latest styles in a plus size: dresses, blouses, revealing lingerie, and even the things that naturally come in sizes that fit the largest women.

But low-rise jeans for fat girls: MIA (Missing In Action). Obviously there is a reason for that, and I refuse to shoot myself in the foot by mentioning it.

Now, before you send hate mail my way for revealing the dirt swept under the carpet, let it be known that the non-existence of low-rise jeans for large women is not a problem.

As a matter of fact, there are plenty of companies making fashionable jeans for big girls and cashing in big time-jeans that look great, fit perfectly, and send men who love a few extra curves swooning.

Take Lane Bryant, for example.

Lane Bryant is arguably the country's most popular clothier for plus-sized women, and they have an extensive line of jeans that could be worn on any Parisian runway.

No. They're not grandma jeans either. They have all of the latest styles like trouser cut, capris, and even skirts and shorts, too.

Avenue is another popular brand for women of size, and they have an even larger variety than Lane Bryant. They not only have jeans, but work-friendly denim trousers, and comfy pull-on jeans for when buttoning that top button is just not an option-like on the weekends when you're just lounging around and you wanna look great doing it.

Torrid is hip, hot, and just right for a more fashionable, younger sense of style. They've got all the fits-boot cut, regular, and skinny leg-as well as a variety of washes, like acid wash (because the 80s are back!) and funky details that make you stand out from the crowd-in a sexy way.

Even traditional jeans makers are getting into the act. Lee, makers of jeans since "stone wash" meant literally washed on stones in rivers out west, has classy styles for those larger women who just want a pair of jeans without all bells and whistles so that you don't look like an aging imitation of your 15 year old daughter.

Because Mama that ain't cool.

And speaking of daughters, no article about jeans for fat girls would be complete without mentioning Not Your Daughter's Jeans-the revolutionary jeans brand, started by the family of the man who created Saint Germain (THE jean brand of the disco era).

Not Your Daughter's Jeans has come out with not only plus sizes, but petite plus sizes, too, which is perfect for the shortest of plus size women.

If you don't want to pay a lot of money, but you want to look awesome, Target has extended their plus size department to offer a full line of jeans, capris and other fashionable styles. And thankfully, not one pair is over 30 bucks.

You might not see it in the stores, but online Old Navy has an extensive women's line that covers sizes 16-30, with all the cute, cheap styles Old Navy is famous for. They've got boot-cut, flare, straight and wide leg jeans in the bigger sizes, and all of them are priced well below $40.

So, you see?

"Jeans for fat girls" are available everywhere. Just be honest with yourself, buy the right size for you, and be as sexy as you feel.

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