name Cornell Dayne is an entrepreneurial scientist, tea connoisseur, and an all-around “big idea man” who’s devoted to helping others maximize their individual fulfillment by improving the quality of their lives.

Cornell’s love affair with business began at a very young age. Influenced by his grandparents, a barber and a beautician, he saw first hand, through their example, the important role that business plays within a community. After graduating from college in 2002, Cornell reviewed his options and decided to join the Peach Corps. For three years, he communicated his most coveted, fundamental business concepts in French and Wolof, helping women’s groups, government officials, and others in their quest to improve the lives of their countrymen.

By 2005, Cornell returned to the US and stood, once again, at a crossroad. With Peace Corps now an accomplished goal, he decided to take up a new challenge and start on the journey of entrepreneurship. Not sure what to expect, and without a mentor or role model, Cornell dedicated himself to acquiring the knowledge necessary to attain success. He buried himself in the belly of the Internet, reading anything that revealed promise in helping him to achieve his objective.

In the Internet, Cornell discovered boundless potential, low cost, a broad reach, and accessibility. By leveraging a dusty, four-year-old Toshiba laptop and the knowledge of his partners and friends, within a year, he was able to close a series of real estate deals and help conceptualize Japonica Tafe, the Internet’s foremost online tearoom.

Today, he is still hard at work perfecting his craft. With five growing businesses under his belt, Cornell sees tremendous opportunity despite the current consensus of “doom and gloom”. He is a very knowledgeable and reliable guy, well liked, and a great closer. Feel free to contact Cornell anytime. He relishes the opportunity to make a new friend.

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